BOUNTYKINDS Launches Alpha Test on Mainnet: Get Exclusive NFTs in 2nd Public Sale!

• BOUNTYKINDS is a Web3 Metaverse game currently under development and is scheduled for official release this year on the Binance Chain.
• The team will be holding a second Public Sale as a love letter to their community to celebrate the Alpha Test release coming April.
• The game will consist of multiple game genres such as board games, RPG, FPS, and battle royale MOBA games – all revolving around its “Contribute-to-Earn” triple token system.

BOUNTYKINDS: An Innovative Blockchain Gaming Project

BOUNTYKINDS is an innovative blockchain gaming project that seeks to revolutionize the current Play-to-Earn model by providing an engaging open world environment with multiple game genres available for players to immerse in. It is being developed on the Binance Chain and is scheduled for official release this year with its Alpha Test release scheduled for April 2021.

Second Public Sale To Celebrate Alpha Test Release

To celebrate its upcoming Alpha Test launch, BOUNTYKINDS will be holding a second Public Sale from March 23 – 29th offering exclusive package deals consisting of special upgraded Character and Weapon NFTs, early bird rewards, energy token benefits, and more! This public sale serves as a love letter to the supportive community who have been with them since the initial stages of their project.

Multiple Game Genres Available

Players can expect to find all kinds of exciting games such as board games, map adventure games, RPGs, FPSs or battle royale MOBA games within BOUNTYKINDS’ world. These genres are determined by both players and developers alike emphasizing heavily on the core philosophy of “Contribute-to-Earn” that underlies its triple token system.

Triple Token System

The three main tokens that sustain BOUNTYKINDS’ blockchain gaming ecosystem are KIND tokens (used for staking), MINI tokens (used in gas fees) and KNDEX tokens (used for claiming rewards). This allows users more opportunities to earn rewards through playing various types of mini-games within this metaverse universe – ultimately creating an enjoyable yet profitable experience for users around the world.


All in all, BOUNTYKINDS presents itself as an ambitious project that seeks to provide players with unique experiences unlike any other Play-to-Earn blockchain game out there today! With its upcoming Alpha Test launch coming soon plus its second Public Sale happening now – there has never been a better time than now to join their growing community!