BOUNTYKINDS Launches Alpha Test on Mainnet: Get Exclusive NFTs in 2nd Public Sale!

• BOUNTYKINDS is a Web3 Metaverse game currently under development and is scheduled for official release this year on the Binance Chain.
• The team will be holding a second Public Sale as a love letter to their community to celebrate the Alpha Test release coming April.
• The game will consist of multiple game genres such as board games, RPG, FPS, and battle royale MOBA games – all revolving around its “Contribute-to-Earn” triple token system.

BOUNTYKINDS: An Innovative Blockchain Gaming Project

BOUNTYKINDS is an innovative blockchain gaming project that seeks to revolutionize the current Play-to-Earn model by providing an engaging open world environment with multiple game genres available for players to immerse in. It is being developed on the Binance Chain and is scheduled for official release this year with its Alpha Test release scheduled for April 2021.

Second Public Sale To Celebrate Alpha Test Release

To celebrate its upcoming Alpha Test launch, BOUNTYKINDS will be holding a second Public Sale from March 23 – 29th offering exclusive package deals consisting of special upgraded Character and Weapon NFTs, early bird rewards, energy token benefits, and more! This public sale serves as a love letter to the supportive community who have been with them since the initial stages of their project.

Multiple Game Genres Available

Players can expect to find all kinds of exciting games such as board games, map adventure games, RPGs, FPSs or battle royale MOBA games within BOUNTYKINDS’ world. These genres are determined by both players and developers alike emphasizing heavily on the core philosophy of “Contribute-to-Earn” that underlies its triple token system.

Triple Token System

The three main tokens that sustain BOUNTYKINDS’ blockchain gaming ecosystem are KIND tokens (used for staking), MINI tokens (used in gas fees) and KNDEX tokens (used for claiming rewards). This allows users more opportunities to earn rewards through playing various types of mini-games within this metaverse universe – ultimately creating an enjoyable yet profitable experience for users around the world.


All in all, BOUNTYKINDS presents itself as an ambitious project that seeks to provide players with unique experiences unlike any other Play-to-Earn blockchain game out there today! With its upcoming Alpha Test launch coming soon plus its second Public Sale happening now – there has never been a better time than now to join their growing community!

Whales Withdraw $4B Tether: Crypto Crash or Lucrative Opportunity?

Crypto Market Volatility

• A crypto whale made over $3.3 million by purchasing USDC at its lowest point during the USDC de-pegging incident and selling it after the stablecoin re-pegged.
• Whales were observed purchasing Bitcoin as a hedge against the declining bond and stock markets.
• Analysts have observed crypto whales withdrawing Tether USDT at an unprecedented rate, with almost $4 billion being transferred out of exchanges in the past ten days.

Profiting from Crypto Market Volatility

The recent market volatility has been an opportunity for some crypto traders to make large profits. A crypto whale was able to take advantage of the USDC de-pegging incident to make over $3.3 million. This demonstrates that high risk investors can benefit from volatile markets if they are able to accurately predict price movements.

Buying Bitcoin Amidst Banking Crisis

As banks around the World struggle amidst a banking crisis, whales have also been observed buying Bitcoin as a potential hedge against declining bond and stock prices. Despite a recent price rejection at $26,400, there has been an increase in Bitcoin being transferred from exchanges indicating that whales may be using this opportunity to buy into the digital asset while prices remain low.

Tether (USDT) Withdrawal Surge

Analysts at Santiment have reported that there has been an increase in Tether USDT withdrawals from exchanges, with almost $4 billion being moved in just ten days. This indicates that investors may be moving towards stablecoins in anticipation of further declines in cryptocurrency prices due to market volatility or other related factors such as news events or hacking incidents affecting specific coins or tokens.

Crypto Crash or Enticing Opportunity?

It is unclear whether this recent movement of capital away from cryptocurrencies will result in a market crash or whether it is simply indicative of savvy investors taking advantage of enticing opportunities presented by volatile markets and uncertain economic conditions around the world. Only time will tell how these developments will affect cryptocurrency prices going forward

Ripple vs SEC Ruling to be Decided Any Moment – Attorney John E. Deaton

• Ripple vs SEC lawsuit appears to have reached its finale, as a ruling is expected to be produced any time from now.
• Attorney John E. Deaton believes that the ruling in the US’s SEC lawsuit against Ripple is imminent.
• The court could either produce a judgement favouring the SEC or Ripple or in the least case if the ruling does not come in favour of any, then the lawsuit could be sent to trial.

Ripple vs SEC Case Ruling

The Ripple vs SEC lawsuit appears to have reached its finale, as a „ruling“ is expected to be produced any moment from now. An XRP proponent and the XRPArmy representative in court, John Deaton believes that Judge Torres has no choice but to deliver the judgment, as no delays may be expected hereafter.

Attorney John E. Deaton’s Views

Attorney John E. Deaton has put forth his views that the ruling in the US’s SEC lawsuit against Ripple is imminent. In a series of tweets, Deaton responded to queries raised about the timeline of the ruling, as the release of the decision on Daubert’s motions was hinted at as a quick judgment without any delays.

Possible Outcomes Of The Ruling

Judge Analisa Torres granted and denied motions from both parties in part when it came to Daubert’s motion ruling; this ruled out any possibility of XRP holders buying tokens with an expectation to gain huge profits derived from Ripple’s efforts. However, three possible outcomes could arise: if court produces a judgement favouring either party or sends it for trial if none are favoured by court’s decisions.

Main Takeaway From The Ruling

John Deaton believes that one main takeaway should come out of this ruling- clarification on secondary sales of XRP tokens- which could be seen as massive victory for Ripple if Judge opposes claims made by SEC on this issue..


As per attorney John E. Deaton’s views, it looks like we may soon witness a conclusion coming out in favour of either sides soon enough. The main takeaway being clarification on secondary sales of XRP tokens which may turn into a major win for Ripple depending upon what decision Judge Analisa Torres makes after hearing both sides out carefully in her courtroom

Will CAKE Price Smash The $10 Mark This Year? Get Ready For Epic PancakeSwap Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025!

• PancakeSwap is a blockchain-powered platform that aims to revolutionize the supply chain.
• Its native token, CAKE, has been one of the exemplary cryptocurrencies in the DeFi space.
• This article offers potential PancakeSwap price predictions for 2023 and beyond.

PancakeSwap Overview

PancakeSwap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It enables users to trade digital assets with low fees and fast transactions. The network’s native token is called CAKE, which has become one of the exemplary cryptocurrencies in the DeFi space.

PancakeSwap Price Prediction 2023 – 2030

According to experts‘ analysis, PancakeSwap price prediction for 2023 could range from $3.012 to $6.875 for the year. With a potential surge, it could go as high as $44.659 by the end of 2030.

Market Analysis

CoinPedia’s technical analysis based on market trends suggests that PancakeSwap (CAKE) will continue its bullish momentum until mid-2022 and then could witness sideways trading until late 2022 before entering into a bull rally again towards 2030 when it can reach an all-time high of around $44.659 per coin at its peak in 2030.

Fundamental Analysis

The ever-evolving crypto space is home to a host of promising projects such as Pancake Swap which boasts its native token „CAKE“. The DeFi token has shown great potential in terms of investment opportunities for investors and holders alike who are waiting for a run of DeFi tokens that could kickstart a vertical price run on market charts. As more people become aware of this project and its capabilities, it is likely that there will be increased demand resulting in higher prices over time due to its limited circulating supply and growing user base worldwide.

Historical Market Sentiments 2018 – 2021

Since its launch in 2018, CAKE has seen mixed results with periods of volatility followed by consolidation phases where prices remain steady or experience gradual increases over time due to better adoption rates among investors globally as well as awareness campaigns conducted by the team behind Pancake Swap itself across different social media platforms like Twitter and Telegram groups dedicated solely to discussing developments related to this project’s activities and progressions within global markets today and into tomorrow’s future prospects ahead along with other related topics surrounding cryptos overall such as regulations imposed upon them or any upcoming news announcements from industry leaders within their respective countries/regions concerning changes being made which may affect their investments positively or negatively depending on various factors at play here too so keep an eye out for those too if you intend investing your hard earned money into places like these!

SEC Charges Terra and Founder Kwon: Delayed Action Sparks Controversy

Terra and Founder Do Kwon Face Charges From SEC

  • The US Securities and Exchange Commission has filed charges against Terra and its founder, Do Kwon.
  • The delayed action has sparked controversy among those in the cryptocurrency world.
  • Kwon is currently in hiding and Korean officials are searching for him in Serbia.

SEC’s Timing Arouses Suspicion

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s recent filing of charges against Terra and its founder, Do Kwon, has surprised many in the cryptocurrency world due to its delayed timing. The SEC has been actively cracking down on crypto-related businesses for months, yet it took close to a year for them to prosecute Kwon and his company. The delay is particularly puzzling given that Terra’s collapse caused millions of investors to lose their money and sparked a severe bear market that led to the failure of other cryptocurrency companies. Crypto influencer Bitboy Crypto has highlighted the suspicious timing of the prosecution. Additionally, the fact that the case only focuses on half of the wrongdoing raises concerns among those who expected the SEC to hold Terra accountable for all its actions.

Kwon’s Downfall

The SEC announcement has resulted in many questioning their intentions regarding investor protection. Meanwhile, Kwon has been in hiding for several months as authorities froze hundreds of millions of dollars worth of crypto that allegedly belonged to him. Kwon claims that the funds are not his and that he has no idea what they are talking about. Despite rumors that he is on the run, he denies them categorically. Before Terra’s downfall, Kwon was well-known in the crypto world as a folk hero due to his sharp mind and charming personality; however, some criticized him for his arrogance towards others he considered “poor”. In light of these recent charges, Korean officials are now searching for Kwon in Serbia while members from within this community watch closely with suspicion over SEC actions.

Investor Losses Sparked by Collapse

When Terra collapsed it left millions of investors without their money which then sparked a bear market leading to other cryptocurrency companies failing too. This created an uproar among those waiting for justice from within this community especially when considering how long it took before any form legal action was taken – almost up until a year later! It is not yet known whether or not U.S investors will be protected through this case as there have been questions raised about whether or not this approach will result in enough restitution considering it only focuses on half of all wrongdoings committed by Kown’s company during this time period.

Criticisms Over His Personality & Rumors Of On The Run

Before his fall from grace Do Kwong was highly regarded amongst peers within this community; however some criticisms were made over his arrogant attitude towards others whom he saw below himself financially speaking – something which could be seen as part off his charm too! As soon as news broke out about Kwong being charged by regulators there have also been rumors circulating concerning him being on the run but such accusations have been denied categorically by Kwong himself who claims ignorance over any potential wrong doings made by himself or associates associated with him or Terra itself during this time period .

In conclusion ,the US Securities & Exchange commission recently announced charges against Terra & founder Do kwong which came after almost one year since their collapse which sparked major losses amongst investors leading into other companies suffering similar fates shortly afterwards . As such , suspicions have arose surrounding why it took so long , why only half punishments were issued & whereabouts Kwong may be currently located whilst also raising questions around investor protections going forward .

50% Bitcoin Price Surge Ahead: Expert Predicts Crypto Bull Run


  • Renowned cryptocurrency expert Michael van de Poppe predicts that Bitcoin may surge to $40,000 by June 2023.
  • Bitcoin is currently trading at $22,726 and has a market capitalization of $438.2 billion.
  • Technical analysis reveals rising selling pressure potentially leading to a new low of $22,050 in the near future.

Michael van de Poppe Predicts Bitcoin Price To Surge More Than 50% – Here’s The Timeline

Bitcoin At $40k? Here’s How:

With Bitcoin currently trading above a crucial level, renowned cryptocurrency expert Michael van de Poppe has reemphasized his prediction of an imminent massive surge for the cryptocurrency. As of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $22,726, below the resistance level of $23,200 identified by van de Poppe. Despite anticipating a potential pullback to $21,700, he acknowledges that the increased trading activity in Bitcoin signals a growing momentum in favor of bulls. This suggests that the leading cryptocurrency may experience a dramatic rise to reach $40,000 by June 2023.


Potential Increase In Value

Breaking Through The Resistance Level:

Michael van de Poppe believes that breaking through the resistance level of $23,200 would drive Bitcoin to surge toward its next immediate resistance level of $25,000. He acknowledges that it may experience a drop to extract liquidity but also sees this as offering an opportunity for buying.

Currently, Bitcoin has a trading volume of $40.7 billion and has experienced a 2% decrease in value over the past 24 hours.


Technical Analysis

< p >< strong >Market Capitalization: < / p >< p > With a market capitalization of $438 . 2 billion , it retains its position as number one cryptocurrency . If Bitcoin ’s price fall below its current level , it may experience further decline to estimated target of 22 , 100 supported by ascending trendline . The technical analysis reveals rising selling pressure as indicated by RSI and MACD indicators potentially lead new low 22 , 050 near future . 50 – day exponential moving average suggests bitcoin may face resistance near 23 , 250 despite overall bullish trend . If surpass this level possible reach high 23 , 500 indicating potential increase value .

< h2 >Conclusion : < p >It remains be seen direction bitcoin will take . With right combination factors can achieve long – term success & profitable investment portfolio using bitcoin price movements opportunities on offer within space . Investors must continue do due diligence make sure they understand risks associated before investing any form digital currency or asset class including crypto assets such as bitcoin .

Bitcoin Price Drops 2%, But Rekt Capital Predicts Uptrend in 2024

• Bitcoin price has dropped by 2 % over the last few days, with the RSI indicator forming a falling divergence.
• On-chain data shows that miners have reduced their sell pressure and whales have continued to accumulate more Bitcoin.
• Rekt Capital believes that Bitcoin will break its macro downtrend in either March or April of 2024.

The crypto market has been in a state of flux in recent days, with Bitcoin’s price dropping by two percent to trade around $23.4k on Friday. This drop has been caused by a falling divergence that has been observed on the four-hour time frame, which is usually a sign of a price dump. This has caused some concern among Bitcoin bulls, as a death cross appears to be possible for the first time since its inception. This would result in the 50 and 200 WMAs, which have acted as a support line for the past ten-plus years, to become a resistance line.

Despite this, popular crypto analyst Rekt Capital is still optimistic about the future of Bitcoin and believes that it will break its macro downtrend in March or April of 2024, which is around 366 to 396 days before the upcoming halving event. This belief is supported by on-chain data that shows that miners have reduced their sell pressure after taking profits in recent weeks and whales have continued to accumulate more Bitcoin, even with the volatility of the market.

The macroeconomic influence on Bitcoin price is becoming increasingly evident, as it has a significant correlation with global market indexes. This has led to some speculation on how Bitcoin will perform in the future, with many predicting that it will continue to be influenced by the movements of global markets.

Overall, it appears that Bitcoin is still in a state of flux, and it remains to be seen how it will perform in the coming days and weeks. However, many in the crypto community are still optimistic that it will break its macro downtrend in the near future and continue to rise. With the halving event coming up in April 2024, it will be interesting to see how the market reacts to this news and whether Bitcoin will reach new highs.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Sees Bullish Action Ahead of Tesla Earnings Report

• Dogecoin (DOGE) is seeing some bullish action due to Elon Musk’s Tesla publishing its quarterly earnings report for the fourth quarter of 2022.
• The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is indicating that the uptrend in DOGE may have finished, with a break over the $0.095 liquidity barrier needed to render the current downtrend null and void.
• If the price makes a new high, the current uptrend may continue for a little longer. The $0.10 threshold is the next major resistance that needs to be breached for the uptrend to continue.

Dogecoin (DOGE) is seeing a huge rally right now, which is being propelled by Tesla’s upcoming quarterly earnings report for the fourth quarter of 2022. Elon Musk’s electric car company is an avid supporter of Dogecoin, and the crypto community is eagerly waiting to see what Tesla has to say about the meme coin on the earnings call.

The current price of one Dogecoin is $0.0088, and in the past seven days, the token has seen a 9% increase, and 2% in the past twenty-four hours. Even before the current surge, Dogecoin had been seeing a steady increase, but it took a brief break and tumbled by over 5%, before the bulls regained control.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a tool used to foretell when a market may change direction. According to the RSI, the current uptrend in DOGE may have finished, and for it to continue, the price needs to break over the $0.095 liquidity barrier. If the price makes a new high, the uptrend may continue for a little while longer. The next major resistance that needs to be breached is the $0.10 threshold.

The crypto community is hoping that the Tesla quarterly earnings report will provide a further boost to Dogecoin, and the meme token may continue its surge in price in the near future. Elon Musk, himself, also loves Dogecoin, and has even made it possible for people to purchase electric vehicles using the token. He also recently announced that Twitter might integrate DOGE as a payment method for its Twitter Blue subscription, which could further propel the meme coin and make it one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of the year.

Mango Labs Sues Hacker for $114M Fraud, Demands Remaining Funds

• Mango Labs LLC has filed a lawsuit against the trader who reportedly made $114 million in 20 minutes by fraudulently manipulating the price of its cryptocurrency tokens on its exchange in October.
• The SEC has also filed a complaint in the Southern District of New York, claiming that the individual purchased a significant volume of purported “perpetual futures” contracts.
• Mango Labs is now demanding the remaining funds from the hacker, and is also seeking damages and other relief.

Mango Markets, a DeFi platform based in Solana that trades digital assets for spot margin and trading perpetual futures, was the target of an exploit hack in October 2022. The hacker, Avraham Eisenberg, was able to manipulate the DeFi protocol’s collateral and steal more than $100 million from Mango Markets, as well as obtaining a substantial amount of loans from the Mango Treasury. This caused a substantial loss to the Mango Treasury, and the price of MNGO tokens fell to just 2 cents.

In response, Mango Labs LLC has filed a lawsuit against Eisenberg on January 25, in a federal action. The company claimed that the hacker has consented to repay $67 million of the illegally obtained assets. However, Mango Labs is now demanding the remaining funds from the hacker, as well as seeking damages and other relief.

The SEC has also filed a complaint in the Southern District of New York, claiming that Eisenberg purchased a significant volume of purported “perpetual futures” contracts from Mango Markets and then used the leverage to drive up the price of the swap by 1300%. As a result, he was able to make a profit of $114 million in just 20 minutes, which led to Mango Markets suspending operations the day after the incident.

The lawsuit filed by Mango Labs alleges that the hacker breached his duty of good faith and fair dealing with Mango Markets, as well as violated several securities laws. The suit also argues that the hacker committed fraud, unjust enrichment, and misappropriation. If the lawsuit is successful, Mango Labs will be able to recover the funds stolen from them and obtain damages from the hacker.

At the same time, the SEC and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) are also suing Eisenberg for violating the Commodity Exchange Act and other federal securities laws. The SEC is seeking disgorgement of all ill-gotten gains, civil penalties, and injunctive relief. The CFTC is also seeking disgorgement and civil monetary penalties.

It remains to be seen what the outcome of the lawsuit will be, and Mango Markets will continue to investigate the hack to ensure that similar incidents do not occur in the future. In the meantime, the company is warning other crypto exchanges to take steps to protect their platforms from similar attacks.

Energie für ein langes Leben

Lebensübergänge haben innere und äußere Erscheinungen. Sie beginnen oft intern, ohne uns wirklich zu bemerken. Die „Übergangsenergie“ wird stärker und stärker, bis sie in dem Bewußtsein Fläche, und dann will sie in der Welt, in unser Leben mit anderen gebracht werden. Oft sind Teile des Lebens Übergänge überhaupt keinen Spaß, während andere Teile ziemlich aufregend sind. Man könnte sagen, dass etwas Neues zu geschehen beginnt; dass es auf dem Weg. Es ist nicht einmal, dass wir „wählen“ etwas Neues; wir spüren es nur kommen in. Wie eine neue Kurve im Fluss des Lebens.

Erste Phase: Tropfen in Energie

Sie haben eine Zeit lang in einer Beziehung gewesen, oder einen Job oder Beruf. Für eine lange Zeit, es fühlte sich richtig an; es war Energie darin. Wie immer geschieht, erfahren wir, wir wachsen, ändern wir. Manchmal erlaubt die Beziehung oder Arbeit / Beruf die Änderung, wächst zusammen mangosteen Erfahrungen von mir mit uns. Manchmal tut es nicht. So können Sie feststellen, ein bisschen langweilig ist, oder es ist einfacher, gereizt zu bekommen, oder Sie fühlen sich traurig oder ein bisschen deprimiert. Dies kann ein Zeichen dafür sein, dass Sie und die Person oder Sache, die Sie in driften auseinander beteiligt habe; Sie Montage nicht mehr zusammen. Sie beginnen sich zu fragen, ob Sie weitermachen wollen, aber der Gedanke ist subtil, und Sie es wegschieben.

Oder es könnte sein , dass Ihre Gesundheit ist nicht das, was es früher. Was Sie schon immer in der Lage zu tun , ist nicht mehr möglich. Sie wollen auf auf Ihre Identität zu halten , wie es ist , aber realistisch gesehen , kann man nicht.

Zweite Phase: Angst

Der Gedanke / Gefühl stärker wird: „Ich bin in dieser nicht glücklich, und ich habe jetzt eine Weile nicht glücklich gewesen Oder vielleicht war nie das Richtige für mich aber, OMG, es schrecklich sein würde, zu verlassen… Was würde ich tun? würde ich allein sein? würde ich einen anderen Job / Beruf finden können? ich will nicht mein Leben ändern zu treffen, wo meine Gesundheit jetzt ist. Was slim xr Test und die Fakten mir passieren wird?“ Alle Negative aufbäumen wie Klapperschlangen Sie bedrohen. Sie versuchen, das Ganze wieder nach unten zu drücken, aber es funktioniert nicht wie zuvor.

Dritte Phase: Versuchen Sie Ihre derzeitige Situation zu verbessern

Üblicherweise ist das Beste, was zu tun ist, um zu sehen, ob die Dinge in der Beziehung, Job, Beruf ändern können, oder was auch immer es ist, dass man einfach nicht Frieden mit mehr machen kann. Wenn es sich um eine Beziehung ist, bringen, was Sie gewesen ist bestürzend, was Sie ändern sehen möchten. Teile deine Phantasie der idealen Beziehung. Sehen Sie, wie Ihr Partner reagiert verbal, nonverbal und in ihrem Verhalten. Wenn sie einverstanden sind, wenn sie die gleiche Vision, die Sie tun müssen, wenn sie anfangen, anders zu handeln und das macht Sie in der Nähe fühle mich wieder, toll!

Das Gleiche gilt für einen Job oder Beruf. Sagen , dass es eine gewisse negative Person oder Kultur ist , dass Sie hoffnungslos fühlen. Die gleichen Konflikte kommen immer und immer wieder ; eine Art , die Dinge , die einfach nicht effektiv ist. Was auch immer es ist. Überlegen Sie , was , wie Sie möchten , es sein. Welche Rolle können Sie tun , um zu versuchen , es zu machen , wie Sie es wollen? Etwas , das du freien, mehr in der Lage machen würde selbst zu sein. Versuchen Sie sprechen auf, Vorschläge zu machen, oder zu ändern , wie Sie Ihre Arbeit tun. Prüfen Sie , ob es einen Unterschied in der ganzen Umgebung macht, oder nicht. Wenn es Behandlungen , die Sie eine Chance haben , bei Besserung Ihrer Gesundheit eingehen können, könnten Sie sie versuchen. Wie würden Sie die Änderungen vornehmen?

Vierte Phase: Stellen Sie sich vor dem Übergang aktiv

OK. Sie haben Ihr Bestes versucht zu sein, die Sie in Ihrer aktuellen / alten Situation. Sie haben Ihre Bedürfnisse Sie Partner gebracht; Sie haben herausgearbeitet, wie nah wieder zu fühlen. In Ihrer Arbeit haben Sie Ihr Bestes getan, die Dinge zu ändern, so dass Sie das Gefühl, erfüllt in, was immerhin einem großen Teil Ihrer Tage. Sie haben die Behandlungen versucht. Aber es wird deutlich, Ihr Partner einfach nicht Ihre Vision nicht teilt und die Änderungen nicht unterstützen. Oder Ihr Chef weiter Zyklus Menschen, die Konflikte bei der Arbeit beschimpfen weiterhin ohne Lösung in Sicht. Sie fühlen sich hoffnungslos, Sie hassen zur Arbeit zu gehen. Was auch immer die Situation, die Sie haben zu ändern versucht, die Änderungen bleiben einfach nicht. Es hält zurück zu negativ zurückkehrt.

Jetzt ist die Zeit zu beginnen , sich vorzustellen , was Sie im Detail wollen. Zunächst werden Sie keine Ahnung haben. Es gibt einen leeren Raum vor Ihnen. Es gibt ein Gefühl von Driften, des Nichts, der nicht zu wissen . Bleiben Sie mit diesem Gefühl, aber auch mit dem Wissen , die Änderung zu bleiben passieren muss. Interessanterweise werden Ideen zu entwickeln beginnen, wenig oder Big-Inspirationen entstehen, werden Sie neue Leute treffen , die Ihre Interessen teilen, und so weiter. Schnappen Sie auf diese. Notieren Sie sich die Ideen und Inspirationen nach unten; Lernen Sie die neuen Leute kennen zu lernen; folgen führt, und so weiter. Je mehr Sie dies tun, desto mehr Klarheit Sie erreichen.

Fünfte Phase: Do It. Machen Sie den Übergang

Sie haben das Ende-Ziel im Kopf bekommen. Aber natürlich kann man nicht unbedingt dorthin kommt alles auf einmal. Vielleicht muss man das Ganze in überschaubare Einheiten brechen. Ein Teil von dir noch seine Fersen graben könnte in Angeboten, die auf Tangenten gehen wollen machen, oder an Ort und Stelle driften, während ein anderer Teil nach vorne bewegen will. Jedes Mal, wenn Sie Energie auf einem Stück zu nehmen, tun Sie es, auch wenn es eine kleine Sache. Halten Sie das End-Ziel, die Vision, in deinen Augen der ganzen Zeit-oder so viel wie möglich. Wenn Sie einen kleinen oder großen Schritt machen, geben Sie sich eine Menge Kredit; schätzen Sie Ihren Mut. Und dann nehmen Sie auf den nächsten Brocken, bis Sie in Ihrem neuen Platz sind. Oder, wenn es im Zusammenhang Gesundheit, behalten sich im Inneren arbeiten, bis Sie eine Verschiebung vorgenommen haben zu akzeptieren, was ist und so friedlich wie möglich in ihr zu leben.